Openview – State of B2B Mobile Growth Metrics, 2015

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OpenView Venture Partners is an American venture capital firm based in Boston. OpenView specializes in expansion stage software, new media, Internet, and technology enabled companies. Mobile apps are the next big wave in B2B SaaS. As was the case with the initial adoption of SaaS, Openview feels that there is a need for new metrics that can serve as more appropriate and accurate indicators of mobile performance. The access to SaaS metrics has played a major role in the industry’s dramatic growth. With them, SaaS entrepreneurs have been better able to understand what to measure, where to invest, and when to pull certain levers to drive more effective, sustainable growth in their companies. In the emergence of the emergence of mobile B2B SaaS, Openview sees a new offshoot of the traditional SaaS model. Mobile SaaS businesses are fundamentally different from their non-mobile counterparts. In fact, due to the bring-your-own-device movement and different economic models, current users and user growth can often matter as much, if not more, than current recurring revenue. Openview had several conversations with founders and investors in the mobile B2B SaaS space who unanimously agree that mobile B2B SaaS needs a distinct set of metrics to measure performance and growth. The survey’s respondents included over 60 senior executives who shared their company’s data in several key categories, helping to better understand the elements that best reflect a B2B SaaS company’s mobile health.
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